Recipe: Yummy Khajoor Modak (Date Modak) – Sugar Free Recipe

Khajoor Modak (Date Modak) – Sugar Free Recipe. Khajur ke Modak This festival also known as Gauri Ganpati FestivalBecause Gauri Festival also came during Ganpati FestivalThis Gauri Festival for three. Sugar Free Dates and Dry Fruit Modak…. Khajur Modak Recipe… Ganesh Chaturthi Special……….

Khajoor Modak (Date Modak) - Sugar Free Recipe This has no sugar, only the natural sweetness from dates rich and healthy with nuts. So feel free to sprinkle more water as required taking care not to add a lot. After kneading the rice flour dough. You can cook Khajoor Modak (Date Modak) – Sugar Free Recipe using 6 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Khajoor Modak (Date Modak) – Sugar Free Recipe

  1. It’s 500 g of – Dates (Khajoor).
  2. Prepare 50 g of – Butter.
  3. It’s 50 g of – Khoya(Mawa).
  4. You need 1 Tbsp of – Raisins (Kishmish).
  5. It’s 5 of Walnuts(Akhrot).
  6. You need 10 of Almonds (Badam).

Sugar Free Modak Recipe, Learn how to make Sugar Free Modak (absolutely delicious recipe This modak recipe is equally delicious and packed with the goodness of nuts and dry fruits. This Sugar Free Modak recipe is Excellent and find more Great recipes, tried & tested recipes from NDTV Food. Mawa modak recipe with step by step photos – These tasty modaks are made with minimal ingredients which is mawa/khoya (evaporated milk solids), sugar and cardamom powder. Keep the roasted nuts to cool and meanwhile deseed the dates.

Khajoor Modak (Date Modak) – Sugar Free Recipe step by step

  1. Add 50 grams butter in a frying pan and let the butter melt nicely.
  2. Now remove the seeds from dates(khajoor) and cut them in to 2-3 pieces.
  3. Add the dates(khajoor) pieces in the melted butter, stir and roast the dates in butter for 10 minutes.
  4. Now add chopped walnuts(akhrot), almonds (badam) slices and raisins(kishmish).
  5. Stir and mix well all the contents in the frying pan.
  6. Now add khoya (mawa) in the frying pan and mix well all the contents for few minutes.
  7. Khajoor Modak's mixture is now ready.
  8. Remove the mixture in a plate and let it cool down for some time.
  9. Once the mixture is cooled down, take certain amount of it and fill it in the modak mould.
  10. Press the mould, after the modak mixture is filled in it nicely.
  11. Remove the modak from the mould and gently press them from all sides to give it a nice shape.
  12. Mouthwatering Khajoor Modaks are ready to serve in minutes.

As soon as the nuts cool down, grind them Make modaks with hands or put them in greased modak moulds to form a neat modak shape. Dates are naturally sweet and full of nutrition. Addition of nuts and poppy seeds makes it more nutritious. Since no sugar is added while making it, people who are diabetic can satisfy their sweet craving with it. Those on diet can also munch them without any worries as very little ghee goes into its.